Brazilian Grand Prix "Autódromo José Carlos Pace" Track Guide

10.11.2022 17:56

The Mercedes of Hamilton qualified on pole in 2021, Hence have used Hamilton’s data here.

2021 Hamilton Fastest Lap Telemetry

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2021 Hamilton Speed Chart

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1️⃣ A lap around the Interlagos circuit is 4.3 km and the total race distance is 306km.

2️⃣ Sectors 1 and 3 have long straights and Sector 2 is twisty.

3️⃣ The circuit has 15 corners 10 to the left and 5 to the right.

4️⃣ Top speeds reach up to 337kmph in the race.

2021 Hamilton Throttle Chart

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2021 Hamilton Brake Chart

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1️⃣ 74% of the total lap distance is taken full throttle.

2️⃣ The grid is inclined uphill and drivers need to apply the brakes gently to make sure the car doesn’t roll back during the race start

3️⃣ The circuit has 1 heavy braking zone where the g-force is greater than 4g’s.

4️⃣ Drivers experience the maximum g-force of 4.7 g’s in turn-6.

2021 Hamilton Gear Chart

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1️⃣ On average there are 44 gear shifts per lap.

2️⃣ Teams need a perfectly balanced car in terms of downforce and top speed to be competitive in this track.

3️⃣ Average time lost per pitstop is around 20 seconds.

4️⃣ The 2 DRS zones give drivers plenty of opportunities to overtake.

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