2022 United States Grand Prix Race Data And Strategy Analysis

24.10.2022 10:38

Mercedes were in the mix, Aston Martin looked strong, Ferrari tire woes continue and Mercedes tire degradation looks surprising

Average Race Pace

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-> Mercedes of Hamilton and RedBull of Verstappen was close in terms of average race pace

-> Mercedes were definitely in hunt for the win their race pace looked a lot better in Austin

-> Ferrari of Leclerc was the 3rd fastest car on the grid.

->Perez and Russel who both had front wing damage had similar paces.

-> Aston Martin of Vettel was the fastest car in the midfield.

Lap by Lap Race Pace

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-> This graph shows that Verstappen still had a small advantage over Lewis throughout the tace

-> Mercedes in the 3rd stint had a huge drop off in pace at the end of the race, Mercedes had slightly worse tire degradation than RedBull and Ferrari

->Ferrari seems to have a grip on tire degradation but still has slightly higher degradation over RedBull.

->The Gap between the top 3 teams and the fastest car in the midfield is visible.

Average Race Pace on the Mediums

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alt text

Race Strategy

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Could Hamilton have won the race? The answer is no RedBull had a slight advantage over Mercedes throughout. The race the only reason Mercedes were in the mix for the win today is because of Max’s slow pitstop and Perez starting behind because of the penalty

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Average Race Pace for all teams

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