2022 Singapore Grand Prix Race Analysis

02.10.2022 22:11

Race Trace

alt text

->Perez was the fastest car on the track.

->Verstappen and Hamilton had a similar average pace this may be due to the Red Bull being stuck in traffic.

->Sainz and Leclerc were close but Sainz looks to be putting in inconsistent lap times.

Race Pace on Intermediates

alt text

-> Perez was the fastest car on track on the intermediates.

-> Hamilton and Sainz had the same pace on the Intermediates, This proves Hamilton had a bit more pace in hand while was being held up by Sainz.

-> Verstappen and Russel were slower compared to their teammates due to being stuck in traffic.

Race Pace on Mediums

alt text

->Perez again was fastest on the Medium tire.

->Leclerc was faster than Sainz on the Mediums but was slower than Perez.

->The Mercedes of Hamilton struggled on the Mediums and the pace was nowhere near the Red Bull or the Ferrari, this is partly due to traffic but the major problem Mercedes suffered were bringing the tires up to the temperature.

Lap by Lap Race Pace

alt text

->Shows that Hamilton was faster than Sainz on the Intermediates until he made a mistake and hit the walls.

->Leclerc was faster than Perez only for short period in both Intermediates and Softs.

Race Strategy (Green shows Intermediates tyre, Red shows Soft tyre, Yellow shows Medium tyre) alt text

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