2022 Mexico City Grand Prix Race Data and Strategy Analysis

31.10.2022 11:58

RedBull was dominant, Mercedes were the only team that come close to challenging RedBull, Ferrari had turned down their engines due to reliability issues and was nowhere near RedBull or Mercedes

Average Race Pace

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1️⃣ Verstappen was the fastest car on the track by quite a margin.

2️⃣ Perez has a slightly faster average race pace than hamilton.

3️⃣ Perez had more pace in hand but couldn’t show it due to overheating issues when he came close to hamilton.

4️⃣ Ferraris were nowhere near the pace of the Mercedes or RedBulls but Sainz and Leclerc had similar pace throughout the race.

Stint 1 Analysis

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1️⃣ The Red Bull and Ferrari were on the soft tire and Mercedes were on the mediums.

2️⃣ Both Max and Perez’s soft tires drop off after lap 15 but Max did a better job managing the tires and pace in stint 1.

3️⃣ Hamilton was putting in faster lap times than Russel in stint 1.

4️⃣ Hamilton could have extended his medium tire stint but had to pit in early to prevent Perez from undercutting him in the pitstops, this compromised hamiltons’ strategy.

5️⃣ The Ferraris were on their own this race they were not at the pace of Mercedes or RedBull but faster than midfield.


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1️⃣ The Mercedes were on hard tyres and Ferrari and RedBull were on the Mediums.

2️⃣ Verstappen was the fastest car again.

3️⃣ Hamilton was just doing enough to keep Perez behind him and secure 2nd place.

4️⃣ The wear on the mediums was low and both Ferrari and RedBull could go to the end of the race in the mediums.

5️⃣ Hindsight the hard tire on the Mercedes were the wrong tires for stint-2.

Lap by Lap race trace alt text

Average race pace on the softs

alt text

Average race pace on the Mediums

alt text

Average race pace on the Hards

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Strategy Analysis:

1️⃣ The fastest race strategy in the race was the soft-medium or medium-soft tire strategy.

2️⃣ Hindsight Mercedes made a mistake starting on the medium tire.

3️⃣ Strategically Red Bull put pressure on hamiltons strategy by attempting an undercut with Perez and forcing Hamilton to pit in earlier than Mercedes would have preferred.

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Race Strategy

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Average Race Pace for all teams

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