2022 Mexico City Grand Prix Qualifying Analysis

30.10.2022 11:49


All 3 teams were competitive in this weekend’s qualifying, Mercedes had the closest pace to challenge Red Bull for the pole position. Perez’s data charts are not available since Perez’s qualifying data is corrupted

Mercedes vs RedBull

Ver vs RUS alt text

alt text

Ver vs Ham alt text

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1️⃣ Mercedes seem to have trimmed a bit of downforce from fp-1 to be competitive in the straights.

2️⃣ RedBull are still 4kmph faster in the speed trap

3️⃣ Mercedes makes up time in the corners the car looks competitive in low medium and high-speed corners

4️⃣ Mercedes may be carrying a bit more downforce than RedBull this may give them an advantage in managing the tires in the race.

RedBull vs Ferrari (Have only used Sainz’s data since Leclerc was having some issues with the driveability of his engine)


alt text

alt text

1️⃣ Ferrari and Mercedes have similar top speeds both are about 4kmph slower than RedBull.

2️⃣ Ferrari make-up time in the low and medium sped corners to RedBull.

3️⃣ Ferraris are carrying a bit more downforce than Red Bull.

4️⃣Mercedes and Ferraris have gone for a similar setup direction this weekend

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