2022 Mexico City Grand Prix Free Practice-1 Qualifying Simulation Analysis

29.10.2022 19:37

Qualifying Simulations


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-> RedBull loses the majority of lap time to Ferrari while braking in turn 1.

-> Red Bull has a top-speed advantage over Ferrari in the straight.

->Ferrari is strong in high and low-speed corners.

->Sainz can brake later in the corners than Perez this points to Ferrari going for more downforce than RedBull

->RedBull is competitive Medium speed corners but is struggling in low and high-speed corners

->RedBull may add a bit more downforce for Race and Qualifying since they already hold the top speed advantage.

Sai vs Ham

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->Mercedes through the year has been strong in low-speed corners and it is seen here they can carry higher speed through turn-1 and turn-13

->Difference in top speed between Ferrari and Mercedes is minimal but the top speed difference between Mercedes and RedBull is significant.

->Ferrari has the advantage over Mercedes in the medium, high-speed corners and straights.

Sai vs Alo

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->Alpine has a slight advantage over Ferrari in top speed.

->Alpine is competitive in low and medium-speed corners but is struggling in high-speed corners.

->Alpine are struggling to get a good exit from the corners.

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