2022 Japanese Grand Prix Race Data And Strategy Analysis

09.10.2022 14:40

This was a short race but there are a lot of interesting actions on track and in the data!!

Average Race Pace

alt text

-> Redbulls were the fastest car on track by quite a margin Verstappen was the faster driver with a significant gap to Perez and the rest of the grid.

-> Hamilton and Ocon who were fighting throughout the race had identical average race paces.

-> Russel gives us an idea of the true pace of Mercedes on the Intermediates they were 2nd fastest car on the track today but were out of position and couldn’t capitalize on it.

-> -> Alonso had a similar pace to Russel this is because he pitted for new intermediates at the end of the race as shown in the graph below but both Alpine had similar paces throughout the weekend and the race Merc had a slightly faster race pace

Lap by Lap Race Pace

alt text

-> The Pace advantage Verstappen had on the field is huge he was in his league today.

-> Ferrari was bad on the intermediates the pace disappeared after a few laps on the intermediates.

-> Hamilton was slightly faster than Ocon for the most part of the race but didn’t have enough pace delta to overtake him on track

-> Alpine’s strategy on Alonso was impressive pitting him for new intermediates for the second time gave him a massive tire delta to overtake on track

-> Russel shows the actual price of the Mercedes once in free air it was quite competitive

-> Mercedes made a strategic error double stacking if they had bought in Russel one lap later similar to what alpine did to Alonso Russel could have capitalized on Mercedes’s pace

Race Strategy

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