2022 Japanese Grand Prix Free Practice-2 Analysis

07.10.2022 21:31

Qualifying Simulations

Rus vs Ver alt text

alt text

-> Rusell gains time over Verstappen in the medium and low-speed corners.

-> Russel carries a higher speed through the S curves than Verstappen.

-> Redbull tires maybe overheat at the end of the lap this can be seen in the Casio triangle chicane where Russel has better traction and gets a better exit and gains lap time.

-> Redbull is strong in the straights and high-speed corners.

Rus vs SAI alt text

alt text

-> Russel gains the majority of lap time over Sainz in the first sector

-> Mercedes gains time over Ferrari in the medium and low-speed corners.

-> Ferrari is strong in the straights and is slightly faster than merc on the straights.

-> Ferrari is strong in sector 3

Race Pace on the Intermediates

Long Run Pace on the intermediates

alt text

-> Russell has the best race pace on the Intermediates.

-> Ferrari is faster than RedBulls on the Intermediates but is considerably slower than Mercedes

-> Redbull has the slowest pace Intermediates.

-> This may not be the true pace come race day since the fuel loads and engine modes are unknown.

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