2022 Italian Grand Prix Race Analysis

11.09.2022 21:26

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->Verstappen, Leclerc, and Russel all started the race on the Soft tyre and Hamilton, Perez and Sainz started on the Medium tyre.

->Verstappen was the fastest car on the soft, Leclerc matched the Redbull on pace for most of the stint but looks like Ferrari had tyre degradation than the Redbull on the Softs.

->Mercedes were the third fastest car today on the softs and looked like they couldn’t take care of the tyres as good as the Red Bull.

->Sainz was faster than Hamilton on the Mediums by quite a huge margin, this may be due to Hamilton being stuck in traffic.

->Looks like Mercedes and Ferrari had similar tyre degradation on the Medium

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->Verstappen and Leclerc were on the Mediums,Sainz and Hamilton on the Softs,Russel and Perez on the hards.

->Leclerc had no chance to catch up with Verstappen here, The Ferrari pitted earlier for Mediums but the RedBull was still faster than the Ferrari on old Soft. But when Verstappen pitted Leclerc’s tyres were old and Verstappen was faster than Leclerc on the Mediums.

->On the Softs Hamilton and Sainz pretty much had the same pace Sainz had a better pace in the beginning and end, and hamilton had a better pace in the middle. (The pace difference isn’t much)

->Sainz(on Softs) but faster than Russel(on Mediums) but he didn’t have enough pace and time to close up to Russel and overtake him for a podium

->Overall Russel had a better pace than Perez on the hards.

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->This stint was under the safety car .All drivers except Leclerc all drivers were on softs.

->Leclerc on new softs was faster than Verstappen on old Medium but never had enough pace to catch and overtake Verstappen.

Average Race Pace alt text

->Verstappen had the fastest race pace today Leclerc had a good pace but Verstappen still had a slight edge.

->The pace difference between Sainz, Perez and Hamilton to their teammates is because they had to drive through the field.

Race Pace On The Soft Tyre alt text

Race Pace On the Medium Tyre alt text

->Unfortunately, I am not able to get data on Verstappen’s average race pace on the mediums ill post the chart if I get the data.And Russel didn’t run mediums so there’s no dat

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