2022 Italian GP Mclaren vs Alpine Pace Analysis

12.09.2022 23:53

->Alpine is carrying more downforce and makes up time on the Mclaren in the corners.

->Mclaren had gone for lower downforce setup and were faster in the straights.

->Alonso qualified for Q3 but didn’t do representative laptime so I have taken Alonso’s Q2 laptime and Norris’s Q3 time and different very negligible 0.030 seconds was the difference

->Alonso could have probably qualified higher than the Mclarens if he had put in a representative laptime

Average Race Pace alt text

->I have only taken the data of drivers who completed the race.

->The average pace of both drivers were almost similar there’s not much of a difference between them.

->Both drivers were on different strategy that’s why there’s a slight difference in pace,But overall it was pretty matched.

Race Pace on 3 tyre compounds(The Data is from free practice sessions):

Average Race Pace on Soft Tyre alt text

->Both teams had similar pace on the soft tyre on the long runs.

Average Race Pace on Medium Tyre alt text

->Alonso had better pace than Norris in the Medium tyre, and Alpine looked quite good in the Medium

Average Race Pace on Hard Tyre alt text

->Only Riccardio and Ocon ran these tyres and Mclaren was faster than the Alpine on the Hard tyre

So was Mclaren really faster than Alpine?

->Not really both teams had similar pace this weekend. A bad qualifying by Alpine drivers compromised them this weekend. Ocon underperformed in quali this weekend,Alonso could have score some points in the race if he hadn’t retired.This weekend both Mclaren drivers were on the right spot with the carfor qualifying, and a good qualifying by them put them in a good position for the race,even tough Daniel retired both drivers were running in points for majority of the race.

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