2022 Brazilian Grand Prix Sprint Data Analysis

13.11.2022 11:45

Start Analysis

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1️⃣ The top 4 all had similar starts but Norris, Russell, and Magnussen had better grip since they were on soft tires compared to Verstappen who was on the mediums.

Average Race Pace

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1️⃣ Both the Mercedes were in a league of theirs today, significantly faster than Ferrari and RedBull.

2️⃣ Russell was the faster Mercedes today.

3️⃣ Sainz was faster than Leclerc in the sprint.

4️⃣ Medium tire was the wrong tyre for Max to be on.

5️⃣ This may be the best chance Mercedes have to get a win this season, the W-13 is the fastest car this weekend.

Could RedBull have won the sprint if Max was on the Soft Tyre ?

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1️⃣ The short answer is no, Perez who was on softs was still slower than Russell.

2️⃣ The Mercedes looked strong on all tire compounds even during Free-Practice sessions.

3️⃣ If Max was on softs he would have had a better chance to fight the Mercedes and Ferrari

4️⃣ The Red Bull is lacking pace suffering tire higher tyre deg than Mercs.

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