2022 Brazilian Grand Prix Race Data And Strategy Analysis

14.11.2022 10:06

Start Analysis

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1️⃣ The top 4 all had similar starts. Verstappen had some wheelspin off the line but it didn’t cost him much at the start.

Average Race Pace

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1️⃣ Lewis was the faster Mercedes and the fastest car on the track.

2️⃣ Russell might have been managing his pace since he was the one leading.

3️⃣ Both Red Bull drivers had similar average race paces but were slower than the Mercedes and Ferrari.

4️⃣ Sainz was the second fastest car faster than his teammate, RedBulls and Leclerc.

Race Strategy

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1️⃣ Mercedes was quite conservative with Lewis’s strategy, lewis could have gone longer on the mediums and then pitted during Norris’s safety car which would have given lewis a enough tire delta to overtake Russell.But Mercedes pitted Lewis early to prevent Perez undercutting him.

2️⃣ Russell’s strategy was textbook perfect he managed the pace and the team did the perfect strategy.

3️⃣ Ferrari’s strategy this weekend was quite good there were no significant mistakes.

4️⃣ Red Bull made a mistake by not pitting Perez for the softs during the Norris safety car, costing him 4th place in the race.

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Pace on Soft Tyre alt text

Pace on Medium Tyre alt text

Race pace of all drivers

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