2022 Singapore GP Long Run Pace Analysis

02.10.2022 16:24

Pace Charts

Average Race Pace On The Soft Tyre

alt text

  • The Red Bull is the fastest car on the Soft tire.

  • Ferrari is a bit slower than Redbull and Mercedes’s pace looks quite slow compared to Ferrari and RedBull.

Average Race Pace On The Medium Tyre

alt text

  • RedBull is again the fastest car on the Medium tires.
  • Mercedes have a huge variation in lap times on the Medium Tyre this may be due to either heavy fuel load, lower engine mode, or traffic.
  • Sainz still is close to RedBull but a bit slower than RedBull.

Average Race Pace on Hard Tyre

alt text

  • RedBull didn’t run the hard tire much so their pace is a bit of unknown
  • Ferrari’s are faster than Mercedes in the Hard tires.

Note that this data may not be completely accurate since the engine modes and the fuel loads are unknown, but these graphs should still give us an idea of the long-run race pace of the teams.

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